A. doration will always be Yours

B. ecause your wise Being kindly

C. aresses my very Existence now

D. awn permits the Yielding its bright

E. ternal Light on beloved  - blessed

F. eathered Friends rising beyond

G. loomy Shade lingers lest you

H. ide still thus sweetly appear

I. n blue Mornings molten pale

J. ettison stricken Malversation

K. ink into something Beautiful

L. ong awaited Anticipation - so

M. easured out Fate turns untold

N. owhere Scenes are scattered

O. r remain collected smoothest

P. etals calm - counted eagerly

Q. uirky alas! & somehow alone

R. egretting nothing whatsoever

S. ince we found in Compassion

T. oward all Creation thus to Be

U. nder each Stone silently found

V. anguard Journey quite one Job

W. aysgoose unmolested unscathed

X. rays banned now so very forgotten

Y. et our precious previous privy Lives

Z. enith conquered in ZigZag dark Red.



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