these 20x20cm stone paper wood framed darlings are for sale.

made in the year 2020 resp. 2021 in felt tip pen and inks.

one original amounts to 250.- Swiss Francs. I would

appreciate a purchase greatly. Many thanks. KW.

20x20cm  bull things number 15

20x20cm  orange dog number 12

20x20cm  dog profile number 6

20x20cm  felt tip pen number 11

20x20cm  ghost wrights number 7

20x20cm  going out  number 2

20x20cm  more of this number 18

20x20cm  pro files  number 14

20x20cm  stone paper mat.  number 9

20x20cm  color zoo number 10

20x20cm  dark brown dog number 4

20x20cm favorites number 16

20x20cm  funny face number 13

20x20cm  give chances number 5

20x20cm  light lacquered dog number 1

20x20cm  stone paper  number 8

20x20cm  strange dog number 17

20x20cm  white dog number 3